Who We Are

We are advocating for those that cannot

“Pain care is a fundamental human right that should be a decision between a doctor and a patient.”

The Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain was formed by chronic pain patients and advocates working on behalf of family members with chronic pain.   Our goal is quite simple:  to ensure that all patients in pain have access to medications and therapies that will reduce their suffering.

Our Executive Team

The Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain is managed by these talented individuals.  

Sally Balsamo

Sally Balsamo has worked in marketing in the profit and non-profit sectors for over twenty-five years.  Prior to developing two chronic pain conditions, Sally most recently spent eighteen years in marketing and marketing analytics roles in the financial services industry.  She provides marketing, strategic planning for ATIP, assisting in the development of programs and collateral to increase awareness about ATIP and the issues facing chronic pain patients in today’s environment.  In addition, she is actively working in her home state of Illinois advocating with elected officials and participating in government task forces and committees focusing on opioid prescribing guidelines.

Rose Bigham 

Rose Bigham

Rose Bigham joins ATIP after a long and successful career in computer security and privacy at some of the largest tech firms in the world.    Rose was first diagnosed with a painful and incurable medical condition in 2008 and eventually had to give up the career that she loved in 2013 after 25 years.   She was declared permanently disabled in 2015.    Her personal experiences with chronic and intractable pain – and with increasing challenges with access to medically-appropriate pain relief – led her to join ATIP and to co-found WashPIP: Washington (state) Patients in Intractable Pain.  When her health permits she collaborates with other like-minded advocates to educate and advocate for patient access to safe, legal, appropriate, and effective pain medication and relief.   Rose lends logistical support and strategy to ATIP to help focus our resources to create effective responses to the evolving legislative and medical landscapes which impact patients in pain.

Richard “Red” Lawhern, PhD

Richard A (“Red”) Lawhern, Ph.D.  is a research analyst, patient advocate and website moderator for chronic pain patients, families, and physicians.  His wife and daughter are chronic pain patients.  His 20 years of experience has produced articles and critical commentaries at the US Trigeminal Neuralgia Association, Ben’s Friends online communities for patients with rare disorders, US National Institutes for Neurologic Disorder and Stroke, Wikipedia, WebMD, The Journal of Medicine of the National College of Physicians,  IPain Living,  Morning Consult, Mad in America, Pain News Network, National Pain Report, the American Council on Science and Health, the Global Summit for Diagnostic Alternatives of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Psychiatric News and Psychology Today.

Find all of Richards publications on http://www.face-facts.org/Lawhern or download his CV.

Paul Short

Paul Short provides technology oversight for ATIP.  He has over 20 years of experience with technology in the New York City metro area.  He has a BS in Biology from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Fordham University.  Paul joined ATIP after witnessing first hand how difficult is has been for a family member to obtain adequate pain control.  

Paul’s full background can be viewed on LinkedIn or find all of Paul’s technical writings on https://www.short-associates.com/.

Mark Zobrosky



Mark Zobrosky

Mark Zobrosky joins ATIP as Director of Operations, as a result of a Disability caused by Failed Back Surgeries and severe Intractable Pain. His journey in 24/7 & 365 Pain lead him to ATIP, following thirty five plus years as a Senior Level Executive. He has a record of extraordinary achievement in leading Publishing, Retail and Electronic Commerce Organizations to dynamic growth and profitability. Experienced in managing and developing people by establishing optimistic goals and objectives. A leader who builds his area of accountability by developing people. Helping them to discover their own potential and how to achieve it. Zobrosky hopes to use the skills he had developed in business in his role as a volunteer and advocate for Intractable Pain Patients.