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If you are a person in intractable pain who has relied on long-term opioid medication  and you have been negatively impacted by the ‘war on opioids’: please share your story with us!   Our goal is to share real patient stories with legislators, policy experts, and the media to help to illustrate the vast numbers of unintended and innocent victims of the opioid crisis.    Specifically stories of patients forcibly tapered to sub-therapeutic doses or abandoned by clinics or providers despite no history of misuse or diversion.

If you wish to remain anonymous you can still submit your story; we do require that you submit your contact information along with your story to ATIP so that we can reach you with any questions or for further permission to publish should the need arise.    We will not share your contact information with anyone without your specific consent.     We may edit your story for length or style depending on ATIP’s needs. 

We will not post your story without your review and permission.

Privacy Note:  This form will collect data and transmit the data to ATIP via email.  Email is NOT a secure platform so please refrain from including personal details other than the contact information for the story.  We will contact you directly to give you the chance to speak with us directly.  


Note:  our email form is currently of-line while we fix some problems.  If you have a story you want to share with us, please email “” until we get our forms back online!