Red’s Corner

ATIP’s Co-Founder and Corresponding Secretary Richard “Red” Lawhern PhD is a long-time advocate and research analyst working on behalf of people in pain.  His wife and daughter are chronic pain patients.  Although he is not a licensed physician, Red has worked closely with many medical professionals and moderated peer-to-peer online support groups for over 20 years.   He is presently active in over 60 Facebook groups (joint membership  around 40,000) providing news alerts, commentaries, and links to his own or others’ published work on behalf of people in pain.  

In “Red’s Corner” we have collected links to some of his more far-reaching and informative publications on subjects relating to the so-called “opioid crisis” which is so horribly affecting the practice of pain medicine and the lives of patients.  Feel free to print these out and share with your personal doctors, or with hospital administrations which have restricted the use of opioid pain killers. 

The following is a white paper that covers the question of opioids and chronic pain in depth.  Using widely referenced and reputable material, Red lays out the case for the use of opioids in a select group of intractable pain patients: 

“White Paper on Prescription Opioids and Chronic Pain”,  March 2018

“Tylenol works just as well as Opioids!”   After a study was released by Dr Erin Krebs, a practicing physician in the VA system and a member of PROP, the media was full of articles stating that opioids were no better at pain reduction that over that counter medications such at Tylenol.  However, a closer look at the study reveals quite a different picture:

“Sometimes The Journal Of The AMA Gets It Wrong! And So Do Careless Journalists”,  March 21, 2018

The following is a response to those who claim that the pain is “all in your head”.  It appears at a peer-reviewed website sponsored by the Society for Humanistic Psychology: 

“Psychogenic Pain and Iatrogenic Suicide”,  July 2013

“The CDC’s Fictitious Opioid Epidemic, Part 2”, appears in The Journal Of Medicine of the US National College of Physicians, July 2017.  This article was reprinted in National Pain Report under the title “How Would Opioid Prescription Guidelines Read If Pain Patients Wrote Them?”

The article was also featured in  PAIN Week under the title “What if Prescribing Guidelines Were Patient Centered?  Rethinking Public Policy for Better Patient Outcomes and Expanding CDC Guidelines”

Warning to the FDA:  Beware of Simple Solutions for Chronic Pain and Addiction”  National Pain Report, June 13, 2017.  This article is derived from a presentation given before a May 2017 FDA workshop on educating physicians in the prescription and management of opioid analgesics.

Opioids:  Chasing the Wrong Epidemic”  The audience for this article is National in scope, and focused on criminal law enforcement officials. Invited editorial in The Crime Report, January 2, 2018.

“Do Alternatives to Opioids Really Exist?” Morning Consult, January 16, 2018.  Co-authored with Michael E. Schatman, Ph.D., a prominent critic of the 2016 CDC guidelines on prescription of opioids to adults with chronic pain:

“A Message to our Legislators: Stop Your Phony War Against Pain Patients”  I-Pain Living Magazine, (online and in print), pp 42-47, International Pain Foundation,  January 2018.

For anyone wanting to browse an even larger archive of Red’s publications and interviews, feel free to visit “The Lawhern Files” on the Facial Pain Advocacy Alliance.