The real numbers behind Nevada’s opioid overdose deaths!

George Knapp continues his excellent television series in opposition to the 2016 CDC “guidelines”. Supported by Dan Laird, MD, and retired pharmacist Rick Martin, the program offers a devastating expose of misreporting by the CDC and local law enforcement authorities who engage in the hysterical hype that puffs up public perceptions of a crisis.

99.98% of opioid prescriptions do NOT result in overdose deaths. Of all deaths reported by the Las Vegas County Medical Examiner, only about one in 40 lists a single prescription opioid as a “cause”. The other 39 involve multiple illegal or legal opioids, alcohol, and unrelated medical disorders. But ALL are reported as “opioid deaths.”


ATIP member Red Lawhern, PhD is supporting Mr Knapp, Dr Dan Laird, and Rick Martin, with behind-the-scenes data research and interpretation for this latest article.

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