I was labeled bipolar

In regard to two things in this area, first, Pain patients are not going and getting necessary medical attention until it’s a crisis because of the abuse we are subject to. I know if this personally. And second, the trend to label us mentally ill and put it in our permanent medical records is a serious problem, especially with women. I was having a serious adverse reaction to a drug and I waited until it was a serious emergency because of the way I’ve been treated by numerous physicians. Now, after figuring out the drug was causing terrible side effects, and being admitted to the hospital to get off the drug doing it, and switched to a safer medication, I found notes in my medical record by the very people treating me to keep my throat open, that I was labeled “ possibly bi-polar” and was then being talked into taking a drug I didn’t need, nor was medically indicated. I feel betrayed, lied to and misled by the very same people who I was trusting to save my life to a serious drug reaction. Why? Because I am a pain patient and I avoid Dr’s because I am treated differently than anyone not in pain meds.

I am meeting with an attorney tomorrow because I may have a autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain all over, took a pain med and had a bad reaction on a drug that is Black Box Warned. This is abuse and overreach and prejudice.

I joined A.T.I.P. Before it was A.T.I.P. Fighting for everyone else being abused by the Medical Profession and fighting those trying to kill Pain Mangement Care very early on, because I saw this hell coming right at us all. Now I’m mad as hell and will fight for myself and my reputation, to clear my medical record and to let everyone know that pain patients may be stressed, no doubt, but not mentally ill or having somatic disorders. Pain is real and it’s discrimination and disgusting to hit someone when their sick and suffering with a label that is factually incorrect forever. I am recovering from a very bad drug reaction that was making me sick for a year and a half and no one figured it out but me and now, I am going to fight to clear me of the label some ignorant shrink pulled out of her ass.

So heads up group, this is what they are doing to Chronic Pain Patients when they need to get medical help. And if it has happened to you, you need to fight back because we have rights despite having chronic pain. This is what the CDC has done to all of us. And it’s deplorable. Fight on group.

Editorial Note:  Mental illness is a widespread problem in our country.  Patients with mental illness are dismissed by their doctors and have to fight to get proper care.