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Contacting your Representatives

Contacting your federal and state representatives is one of the most powerful tools you have to advocate for compassionate pain care.  To make this process easier, we have included sample templates for calls, emails and letters.

Additional information to contact your elected officials.

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If you are healthy enough, the most effective way to influence your representatives is to meet them in person.  Online request forms, emails and letters are great ways to ask for meetings or express your views.  However, we have found that calling your representative’s office may be the best way to gain an opportunity to discuss your concerns.  At the federal level, most representatives have staff members that focus on health care issues.

To find the staff member of your representative that handles health care related issues, click on the “Contacts” button below.

For templates on what to say during a call or what to write in a letter or email, click on the “Templates” button below.

Sample letters to contact your representatives
Contact information for your federal representatives


Human Rights Watch Investigating treatment of US Chronic Pain Patients

The Human Right Watch (HRW) has long been an advocate of proper pain care for everyone including those in chronic pain.  Human Rights Watch researchers have interviewed thousands of victims of torture. But it may come as a surprise for a lot of people that interviews with people experiencing severe, chronic pain are very similar to those who have been tortured.

The Pain News Network recently published an article discussing a review of the treatment of chronic pain patients in the US.  Visit the Pain News Network to read the article.

Human Rights Watch Site