ATIP Mission

Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain (ATIP)

Mission Statement and Strategy

Updated February 25, 2018


ATIP Mission:  we seek to promote major near-term changes in public knowledge and government policy, implementing a needed balance between appropriate treatment of intractable pain, versus addressing a real but presently improperly defined “addiction crisis” in America and Canada.  

The present situation: there is widespread awareness of human tragedy in the addiction of millions of citizens and the premature deaths of tens of thousands.  This awareness is unfortunately distorted by false assignments of causes and effects in addiction, and by false attribution of the causes of addiction to medical treatment of pain.   These distortions, if continued, will guarantee that no sustainable solution is reached for reclaiming a generation from addiction, while at the same time further harming or killing hundreds of thousands of people in unremitting pain due to patient abuse and doctor desertion.    

The Strategy:  The Alliance has two primary near-term objectives:
1) Educating legislators at State and Federal level on the immediate need to redirect public policy on addiction versus the treatment of pain.
2) Petitioning and influencing public media to tell “the other side of the opioid crisis”, revealing the damage being done to pain patients by restriction of opioid pain relief and demanding greater balance in dominant media narratives.