Opioid Policy Steering Committee – make your voice be heard!

Richard Lawhern and others represented ATIP at a public hearing in Washington DC by the FDA’s Opioid Policy Steering Committee on January 30, 2018.  He was joined by Kristen Ogden, Fred Brown, Megan Wilson and Al Knowles.

Richard summarized the session:

“My presentation begins about 15 minutes into the first segment, following Amanda Proctor.  I ran over my allotted time but made my take away points.  Kristen Ogden’s session begins about 25 minutes into the segment.  Fred Brown speaks a bit later in the session.  The last presentation in Segment 4 is by Al Knowles’,  and I consider it the highlight of the day.  It was the only patient-centered presentation that FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb heard after joining the hearings in the late afternoon.  Al’s speech was impassioned, well-paced, authoritative and well organized. His theme was You were once our heroes… and you can be again.  He spoke to the fact that FDA has a Federal charter for establishing medical best practice standards, whereas the CDC, for the most part, does not.  He urged FDA to take back that role and to lobby for a rewrite of the CDC opioid prescription guidelines. “

Listen to the full session on the FDA’s website.

You can download Richard’s Presentation from our “Documents” page.

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